How to be happy…the secrets from a female gamer

by Bukola Ekundayo on March 4, 2010

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I am not witty or interesting; I wont pretend to have anything profound to say. I am 26, female, divorced and spent most of my life feeling empty and hopeless. This may not help anyone, but these realizations helped me find my happiness.

This wonderful piece was written by reddit user, Alukima. She’s 26 years old, an avid gamer and seems to have stumbled upon the path toward true happiness.

Here it is:

They didn’t lie to you in elementary school, being different is awesome.

In high school and my early twenties I was teased for wearing video game related t-shirts. Now the the same girls who teased me often complain to me over facebook about being suck in generic relationships and “wish they had found something to love the way I love gaming”. Also, I recently made a bet that my $15 TMNT purse would get more compliments at a bar than a $900 coach purse. I won.

TMNT purse > a sea of cookie cutter Coach bags

The lesson: It’s ok if you don’t fit in. In fact, not fitting in is a blessing.

In fact, I’ve gotten more compliments on my $10 Thundercats Sweatshirt than I’ve received for my Knightsbridge UGGs.

For more quotables check out the rest of her post here.

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  • Michelle

    Brilliant, I've grown up always thinking the same, but not sure I could put it so eloquently! Nice to see you posting again ;)

  • bukolae

    You're so right. Its amazing that such an awesome post was buried in plain
    text within pages of Reddit.

    Nice to see you too!

  • bukolae


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