My Cat Ate My Video Game Ad

by Bukola Ekundayo on February 16, 2009

in Gaming News,Marketing Games

Well not exactly.  This might be a first for the video game industry. Using our beloved LoL Cats to sell us stuff. Cat-Advertising. 

Cats and fear 2

[Via - Gawker]

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  • ZenAndTonic

    You know, I'm not convinced that using cuddly kittens for a FEAR 2 ad campaign is really the best idea. Still, good on them for trying. :P

  • bukolae

    I think the use of black cats fits with the game's storyline. I think black cats appear as a bad omen in the game.

  • drnisre

    yes am with bukolae in his opinion

  • Rockstarbabu

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