Watchmen Director to Develop Games for EA

by Bukola Ekundayo on September 29, 2008

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Zack Snyder, Director of 300 and the Watchmen will be developing three games for Electronic Arts. Under the deal EA will own the intellecutual properties. So hopes of a game for The Watchmen appears bleak at the moment. This could still be a good move though. Steven Spielberg directed Boom Blox. I brought the game last week. It’s an action packed puzzle game that builds on the Jenga gaming experience.  It’s original, fun and addicting.

Many game designers suffer from tunnel vision with a case of ‘me too’ syndrome. They’re either trying to make a sequel of GTA, Tekken or Soul Calibur. Or they’re trying to make a game that’s better than (but still a pathetic copy of) the GTAs, Tekkens and Soul Caliburs. We need fresh minds with novel ideas. Bringing in more major players from sister industries like film might lead to higher quality games.

[Via – GamesIndustry.Biz]

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