OMGPOP’s successful mobile game, Draw Something, has 6.5M DAU (as of June 1, 2012). However, Draw Something is not driving users to which hosts the social web games that inspired Draw Something. This offering is similar to Pogo, MSN Games and Yahoo! Games.

The site received a slight bump in unique visitors that is likely due to the success of Draw Something. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come close to the traffic that Pogo, MSN and others have generated.


[Surprising] The fastest growing gaming markets

by Bukola Ekundayo on March 17, 2011

in Gaming News

According to Alex Horn from Big Huge Games there’s a hunger for new gaming titles in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

During the “Growing Your Market” panel at PAX East 2011, we discussed the increasing importance of gaming markets outside of the U.S. Its interesting to note that developers tend to make games for themselves. This opens up an opportunity for locals to either (1) create games to serve their markets or (2) collaborate with gaming companies to translate and localize games.


Point of Sale and Location Based Social Networks

by Bukola EkundayoDecember 3, 2010 Gaming News

I’ve been trilled with the business partnerships Foursquare has snagged over the past few months (Gap, ToysRus, etc). It made me think about the data retailers can tap into now. (And for those of you wondering if this is gaming related. Foursqaure’s success is due in large part to its gaming mechanics.) It also made […]

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Life at Cornell: Burning the Midnight Oil

by Bukola EkundayoSeptember 20, 2010 Gaming News

After a weekend in Maine with friends I return to campus with nothing but work to do. It looks like I’m not alone. 2:00 am is the time to get stuff done.

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The Web’s New Problem

by Bukola EkundayoMay 10, 2010 Gaming News

A decade ago we looked to the internet to solve communication and social networking problems. With Facebook and Linkedin we have our own personal databases composed of our friends, family members and colleagues. I’d argue that the problem has been over solved. I have over 700 friends on Facebook. As the friend list grows I […]

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How to be happy…the secrets from a female gamer

by Bukola EkundayoMarch 4, 2010 Gaming News

I am not witty or interesting; I wont pretend to have anything profound to say. I am 26, female, divorced and spent most of my life feeling empty and hopeless. This may not help anyone, but these realizations helped me find my happiness. This wonderful piece was written by reddit user, Alukima. She’s 26 years […]

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Sir Patrick Stewart: Closet Gaming Addict?

by Bukola EkundayoFebruary 3, 2010 Gaming News

“I do have an addictive temperment and that is gaming. I have a stack of games. I’ve never taken the covers off them because I feel that if I do…I’m finished.” I feel the same way about my video games. I have a stack of them although the covers are off (I wish I had […]

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Something Worth Blogging About [TRON]

by Bukola EkundayoSeptember 30, 2009 Gaming News

The first movie about video games is being remade! The trailer for Tron Legacy is out.

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Watch the Devastation Fighting Game Tourny on Ms. Pixel

by Bukola EkundayoJune 20, 2009 Gaming News

Do you remember my post on the gaming as a spectator sport? Well here is your chance to watch some of the best players in the world compete in the Devastation Fighting Game Tournament. The games include Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

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Mountain Dew Presents: World of the Girl Fight?

by Bukola EkundayoJune 19, 2009 Gaming News

Mountain Dew released a commercial featuring two female gamers in a commercial promoting mountain dew as “game fuel”.

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